Guitar & Fretted Instrument Repair and Customization

a full service guitar repair shop

Gluing a guitar bridge

Gluing a guitar bridge to top

  • Professional set-up
  • Fret work-
    Everything from eliminating a buzz to a complete refret.
  • Cracks, dents, and dings-
    Whatever happened, I can make it pretty again.
  • Bridge, bone saddle, and bone nut installation.
  • Pro acoustic pickup installation and balancing
  • Finish and touch-up
  • Electric guitar pickups and electronics installation
  • Custom electric guitar builds
  • New tuning pegs
  • Brace gluing
  • Neck resetting
  • Re-stringing
cleaning the fret slots

Cleaning the fret slots

Stratocaster neck after refretting

Stratocaster neck after re-fretting and finishing

Gibson fingerboard after a fret mill

Acoustic fingerboard after a fret mill, recrown, and polish

Bone nut replacement

Replacing a bone nut

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